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How Many Driving Lessons Does One Typically Need in Switzerland?

Average Number of Driving Lessons

In Switzerland, driving students typically need about 30 driving lessons on average. However, there are cases where beginner drivers are ready for their test after fewer than 15 hours. Factors Influencing the Number of Required Driving Lessons The number of required driving lessons can vary due to several factors:

  1. Type of Vehicle: Learning to drive an automatic transmission is often easier, as it allows the driver to focus more on steering and traffic. Vehicles with manual transmission require additional skill in gear handling.

  2. Number of Private Practice Drives: Additional private practice drives, often accompanied by an experienced driver like a parent, can significantly reduce the number of professional driving lessons needed.

  3. Talent: Some people have a natural aptitude for driving, which can lead to needing fewer driving lessons.

  4. Anxiety: Anxious beginner drivers may need more time to develop confidence behind the wheel, which can lead to a greater number of driving lessons.

  5. Motivation: High motivation and regular practice can speed up the learning curve and reduce the number of required driving lessons.

Personal Differences and Comparisons

It's important not to feel unsettled if others need fewer driving lessons. Everyone learns differently, and individual progress should always be the primary focus.


The number of required driving lessons varies from person to person and depends on various factors such as the type of vehicle, private practice drives, talent, anxiety, and motivation. The key is to focus on one's own learning process and prioritize safety and competence on the road.

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