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Stefan with a student next to the driving school car.

Deine Fahrschule in Bern seit 2005

as well in English.

Moving At The Speed Of Patience - Safety And Trust

Stefan the instructor with a learner driver.

Learner Driver

Your Success And Safety Matter

Safe and comprehensive driving training for your success.

In today's fast-paced world, quality driver training is more important than ever. With the significant increase in traffic over the past few decades, it's crucial to possess not only a solid theoretical understanding, but also practical skills to navigate challenging traffic situations. At Driving School Stefan, I prioritize your needs and provide you with the expert knowledge, patience, and valuable tips and tricks necessary to ensure your safety on the roads.


With my comprehensive driver training, you can gain the confidence and skills needed to move safely and accident-free in road traffic, even after you have successfully passed your exam. I understand that each learner is unique, and that's why I tailor my instruction to suit your individual requirements. Your success and safety are at the forefront of every lesson.


Don't leave your driver training to chance. Choose Driving School Stefan and experience a personalized approach that focuses on your growth and development as a skilled driver. Contact me today to embark on your journey towards driving excellence.


My Priorities

You and your concerns

You and your concerns always come first for me

That you feel comfortable during the lesson

Ensuring your well-being during lessons is our primary goal so that you can learn effectively and reach your full potential.

That you can achieve your goals

We offer you the support and tools you need to achieve your goals and accompany you on the path to success.

Mutual trust

Mutual trust forms the foundation of our cooperation, on which we build in order to be successful together.

Open communication

Open communication is the key to an effective exchange of ideas and information, allowing us to find solutions together and be successful.


Driving lesson (45 minutes)
CHF 96.00

(No subscription and no insurance or administration fee)

Stefan the Instructor explains left turns on to his student with a Picture on his tablet.
Stefan is doing a high five with his student Lenni.
Stefan the Instructor is explaining proper positioning on the road.
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