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Foreign Driver

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Exchange Your Foreign Driver's License for a Swiss License 

Are you an expat or a foreign resident in Switzerland with a valid driver's license from another country? Navigating the process of exchanging your foreign driver's license for a Swiss one can be complex and overwhelming. That's where Driving School Stefan comes in to make the journey smooth and hassle-free for you.


With years of experience assisting individuals like yourself, I specialize in helping foreign drivers seamlessly transition to a Swiss driver's license. As an expert in Swiss road regulations and license conversion procedures, I understand the intricacies involved in the process.

At Driving School Stefan, I offer personalized guidance and step-by-step support throughout the entire exchange procedure. From understanding the necessary documentation to preparing for any required tests or evaluations, I will be by your side, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the requirements and making the process as convenient as possible for you.


If you stay in Switzerland for more than 12 months (entry date according to the valid residence permit), you must exchange your foreign driver's license and license plates.


We recommend submitting the conversion request before the end of the 12 months so that you are entitled to drive without interruption. If you drive a category B, B1, C, C1, D, D1 or F vehicle professionally, transport is not permitted before you receive the Swiss driver's license.


A permanent Driver's License Is Issued To Individuals Who Have A Foreign Driver's License Under The Following Conditions:

The license is for category A or B and was issued before December 1, 2005.

The license was issued on or after December 1, 2005, and had been valid for at least one year by the time the individual established residency in Switzerland. If neither of these conditions is met, the driver's license will be granted on a provisional basis.



Driving lesson (45 minutes)
CHF 96.00

(No subscription and no insurance or administration fee)

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