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Stefan talks to a old lady in her car.

Deine Fahrschule in Bern seit 2005

as well in English.

Moving At The Speed Of Patience - Safety And Trust

Older Lady is very happy after her training with stefan.

Senior Driver

Your Success And Safety Matter

Driving in Old Age: Safety and Competence with Driving School Stefan

Driving in older age comes with its own set of challenges. At Seniordrive-Coaching, I specialize in helping seniors in Bern enhance and refresh their driving skills. Whether you're preparing for a control drive at the Road Traffic Office or simply looking to boost your driving confidence, I am here to provide expert guidance.

In addition to personalized coaching, I offer comprehensive self-study materials. These resources are specifically designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your abilities for safe driving in Bern. From practical tips to current traffic rules, these materials are aimed at providing you with the best possible support.

I understand that driving in a densely populated area like Bern can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you've had difficulties on the road in the past. That's why I offer ongoing support even after coaching sessions, to answer any questions and provide assistance. My goal is for you to always feel safe and competent on the streets of Bern.

If you need to undertake a control drive at the Road Traffic Office in Bern, I am happy to accompany you and provide the necessary support for this important challenge. You are not alone; many seniors in Bern go through this process. Let's work together to ensure you are well-prepared and confident on the roads of Bern.

About me: I have been continuously educating myself in this specialized field since 2005 and have undergone special training from Seniordrive. My expertise and years of experience in Seniordrive-Coaching uniquely qualify me to provide the best possible support and encouragement to seniors in Bern.

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Stefan explanins something in the car.

I'm happy To Support You With:

Preparing for the control drive at the Road Traffic Office.

Questions and uncertainties on the road.

Refreshing your driving skills and techniques.

Theoretical knowledge about driving in old age.

Individual driving lessons tailored to your needs.

Stefan explains something about model cars.


90 minutes coaching
CHF 180.00

Pure coaching. Recognize driving errors and deficits, correct these deficits and maintain the necessary driving skills.

Stefan explains something about model cars.


Feedback ride
CHF 210.00

Voluntary test drive of your driving skills in your own vehicle followed by a meeting with a test report (90 minutes).

Stefan explains something about model cars.


Feedback ride
(medically ordered)
CHF 250.00

Medically ordered test drive of your driving skills in your own vehicle and subsequent meeting with minutes (90 minutes). In addition to the protocol, a personal report is created for the doctor.

Stefan talks to an elderly Lady.
Stefan helps an elderly lady to get in her car.
Eldery Lady is driving in her car.
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